Stuart Breckenridge

App Update: FFI List v1.3.2

Today, I released v1.3.2 of FFI List. This is a minor release that includes the September 24, 2016 FFI database.

This next update will be in January, 2017.

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Apple Software Cycles

Matt Gemmell:

Courage is apparently what it takes to remove a headphone port, according to Phil Schiller. I can only imagine which laudable value might lead to slowing down, making the upgrade cycle biennial, and focusing once again on quality and dependability above all.

For macOS, moving to a two-year update cycle would be beneficial. Handoff, Apple Watch unlock, the entirety of iTunes, amongst others, could all do with a bit longer in the oven. (Not to mention the inevitable Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office issues that occur — and take significant time to resolve — with each macOS update.)

S/MIME Configuration in macOS Sierra

Previously, in macOS, you were able to configure which certificate was to be used for encryption in the Mail app:

Unless I am mistaken, it appears to have been removed in macOS Sierra:

I assume Apple is confident in its ability to select the right certificate for you.

iPhone 7 at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Last night I was at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix and, in advance, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out the new camera in the iPhone 7 Plus. I was in the standing area at turn 12, 15 feet away from cars travelling at over 100 miles-per-hour. Single-shot, burst mode, using camera zoom or not using camera zoom (not that that would make a difference), the cars were just too fast for the iPhone camera:

4K video, on the other hand, worked well:

A lack of good pictures from the iPhone aside, it was incredible being that close to the track and I’ve still got to look through the pictures from my Nikon to see if I managed to capture anything coming close to decent.