Stuart Breckenridge

The Collatz Conjecture

This short post on Daring Fireball regarding the Collatz Conjecture and Swift code in playgrounds piqued my interest. I thought I’d have a go at putting together a playground with full markup and graphs of the results. My code is available as a gist.

Note: Interestingly, I discovered that XCPlaygroundPage.currentPage.captureValue(value: T, withIdentifier: String) has been deprecated and there is no replacement. There is a basic for loop at the end of the playground which produces the graph.

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Adding San Francisco Mono to Font Book

Apple introduced a new fixed width font in Xcode 8 — San Francisco Mono — but they’ve not made it available for system-wide usage.

If you want to make the fonts available for system-wide usage, you need to extract them from the Xcode 8 beta and add them to Font Book.

Assuming Xcode is installed in /Applications, navigate to the below folder using Finder:


Then select the fonts in that folder and drag them to Font Book.

Office Fonts from H&Co


Today we’re introducing twelve families of Office Fonts, all of them available for purchase and download. Some coordinate with our best-known typefaces (which serve the world’s best-known brands), Office Fonts for Gotham, Archer, Whitney and Sentinel. We’re also introducing Office Fonts for some of our newest releases, including this year’s Whitney Narrow and Operator.

I own Whitney Pro and Operator Mono. It’s mildly irritating that there are now Office versions of them.

Auto-generating Quick Help Text with Xcode 8

Xcode 8 introduces new Editor Extension functionality that allows you to customise your coding experience. Given that Xcode 8 is still in beta I haven’t seen or tested any third party extensions just yet. However, in amongst all the new feature blurb something caught my attention:

Auto-generate Quick Help documentation

For the last few years I’ve been using the excellent VVDocumenter to assist in generating the Quick Help text, but as of Xcode 8, it’s been sherlocked.

How do you use the new in-built Quick Help text generation functionality? Simply click on the function you wish to add documentation to and then use the following key combination option + command + /, as seen in the below example.