Stuart Breckenridge

New DeLoreans Coming Soon

Jordan Golson:

The DeLorean Motor Company, which acquired what was left of the original manufacturer 30 years ago, currently focuses on repairing and restoring all the DeLorean vehicles that are floating around the world. But now, with this specialty legislation, the company can use its millions of factory parts (and some that have been recreated from the original blueprints) to build new, 2017 model year DeLoreans complete with a crate engine from an outside supplier. Pricing is expected to run between $80,000 and $100,000.

I wonder how much the certificate of entitlement would be for a DeLorean in Singapore?

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Twitter Stops Serving Ads to VIPs

Peter Kafka:

Twitter makes its money by showing ads to its users.

But not all of its users: For the past few months, the social media company has stopped displaying ads, or has dramatically reduced the number of ads it displays, to a small group of some of its most prominent and active users.

For those people, Twitter is an ad-free, or nearly ad-free, experience.

Advertisers must be curious about this move. They are paying for their ad to reach customers and Twitter is arbitrarily taking that opportunity away from them based on the particular user’s valuableness?

Twitter sources say the company doesn’t select the no-ad or low-ad group purely by star power, but by a variety of criteria, including the volume and reach of the tweets they generate.

Fortuitously, for the rest of the us, there’s a solution to obtaining an ad-free Twitter experience: use a third party Twitter app. I recommend Tweetbot 4.

Note: I have previously experimented with Twitter ads in the past and discovered they are very good at enshittening a user's timeline while not being very useful.

The Best Email App for iPhone

Sean O’Kane via The Verge:

More than anything, a good email app should be fast. Refreshing your inbox, loading messages — none of these things should take more than a second or two. It should also give you plenty of different ways to deal with the daily email deluge. That means letting you do things like reply, archive, delete, or schedule messages with swipes or taps, while also giving you easy access to other services like calendars and files.

Beside powerful options, a good email app should also have a great design — not just so that it’s easy on the eyes, but so it’s easy to use. If an app makes it too hard to glance at your inbox and know what’s important, it’s time to try a different email client.

It seems strange to me that the review fails to consider a vitally important part of email: Security. No third party mail app supports S/MIME which has been baked into iOS since 2011. I accept that email security is unwieldy and causes issues with webmail, but third party apps should, at the very least, support S/MIME.

Apple Watch Screensaver for OS X

Beautiful work by Rasmus Nielsen to bring Apple Watch faces to OS X as screensavers.

Bringing the best part of your new shiny watch to OSX. We’ve created this OSX screensaver just for funs sake.

Apple Watch Screensaver features 5 watchface variations. Chronograph, X-LARGE, Simple, Normal & Utility.

With 80 different variations of watchfaces there is ton a possiblities for individualty and fun and simply no room to be boring.

She Scullys Herself

Tonight, The X-Files returns to TV for the first time since 2002. If you need a fix before then, you should have a listen to episode 284 of The Incomparable1:

Just as “The X-Files” is revived for a limited-run miniseries, we take time to look back at this classic TV series from the 90s. (With gorgeous new HDTV versions available on Netflix!) We discuss some classic episodes, the dynamic between Scully and Mulder that really made the show work, and a whole lot more. The truth is in here—you just have to want to believe.