Stuart Breckenridge

Playing Ping Pong with Water in Space

Before watching the video, Eric Berger, for Ars Technica, helpfully points out:

But in space the water molecules at the surface are bonded such that the tension holds them together as spheres, and water can be bounced back and forth, like a ball.

It’s so very strange seeing water behave this way.

10,000 Steps

I’ve been taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge for the last three years, slogging away at achieving more than 10,000 steps per day1. To read that it’s all a bit pointless is disheartening to say the least.

Geoffrey A. Fowler, for the Wall Street Journal:

What’s so bad about the old 10,000 step rule? Anything that gets sedentary people moving is a good thing, doctors say. The 10,000 figure originated with a 1960s Japanese step-counter marketing campaign, a time and place that may not have much relevance to 2016 bodies hunched over computers with a bag of Cheetos.

Step counters ignore the imperative to raise your heart rate, which the American Heart Association says is key to stemming our No. 1 killer, heart disease. Regular walking isn’t very strenuous, unless you go uphill. And basic step counters also don’t give you hard-earned credit for benching 150 pounds or completing a spin class.

  1. This is a much harder task in a tropical climate. ↩︎

Archives + Absences

Archives + Absences for iOS, by Josh Begley:

“Sends you a push notification every time the police kill someone in the United States.”

Shedding light on sinister statistics.