Stuart Breckenridge

Star Wars: The Force Awakens becomes fastest to take $1bn

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens has become the fastest film to take $1bn (£674m) at the global box office. JJ Abrams’ film achieved the feat in 12 days, beating the previous record of 13 days set by Jurassic World in June. But while Jurassic World had the benefit of record takings in China over the period, The Force Awakens has yet to open there.”


I really enjoyed The Force Awakens (I’ve seen it twice). My only hope for Episode VIII is that the First Order come up with a new weapon as four Death Star like weapons is pushing it.

Awesome Swift Education

This curated list of several hundred Swift learning resources—across 17 tags—is unparalleled.

In Review

A utility app I wrote for OS X has been “in review” for over 18 hours. I’ve added 306 lines of code, one entitlement, and one custom class to the default app template. There’s simply no way an app this small, and with such limited scope, should take this long to review.

Update: It took 27 hours to review, but it’s finally available.

Announcing Baby's Milk

Today I am releasing a new iOS app called Baby’s Milk. This small app helps you monitor your baby’s milk intake: date, time, amount, source; with daily, weekly, and monthly comparison statistics.

Support is available through in-app feedback (provided by the excellent

Available for just £0.79/$0.99 (or local currency equivalent), it’s available in all territories starting today.