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FATCA FFI List - Roadmap

What I’m planning for the rest of 2015 for FATCA FFI List (via

Not only is iOS 9 just around the corner, the published FFI list from the IRS is about to be expanded significantly with the inclusion of Sponsored Entities. Both of these require updates to FATCA FFI List.

##v3.0 Coming in September, FATCA FFI List will receive an update that bumps the version to 3.0 and brings the following changes:

  • iOS 9 will be the minimum supported version
  • App performance during the initial app launch will be improved
  • New multitasking (Slide Over and Split View) features in iOS 9 will be supported on iPad
  • Saved FFIs will be searchable from the home screen without accessing the app

##v3.1 Coming later in the year, FATCA FFI List will receive another update that adds support for Sponsored Groups.

Some undisclosed features may slip into each release depending on how testing goes. If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to use the in-app feedback features.

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Currys and PC World to Sell Apple Watch

“MacRumors has learned that British electronics retailer Currys, which co-brands some locations as Currys and PC World, has added the Apple Watch to its internal inventory system as it gears up to begin selling the wrist-worn device.

Currys and PC World has a large presence throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, with a combined 295 superstores and 73 high street stores in both countries. It remains unclear how many of those locations will be carrying the Apple Watch.”

Joe Rossignol

Reminder: Currys and PC World are part of the Dixons group, the former haunt of John Browett, Apple’s short lived Retail SVP. Tim Cook was panned for hiring him, mainly due to British consumers knowing just how bad the customer service was a Dixons stores.

But you don’t have to take my word for it (via Ars Technica):

“…but that seems to go against the description given to us by several readers about the customer service at Dixons stores—branded Curry’s and PC World in the UK—which they described as ‘shite’ and ‘the epitome of appalling service.’”

Chris Foresman

My point is this: selling the Apple Watch in these stores does nothing more than cheapen its image.

Facebook Records Over 1Bn Users In A Day

“Here’s a crazy statistic for you: For the first time in history, one billion people used Facebook in a single day this past Monday. That means one out of every seven people on the planet was logged into the network at some point during that day.”

Napier Lopez

Mind boggling. Remember when Friends Reunited was all the rage?

Windows 10 Adoption

“14 million machines had been upgraded to Windows 10 within 24 hours of the operating system release last month, and that figure has now risen to more than 75 million in just four weeks. Microsoft has been rolling out Windows 10 in waves, as a free upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. While it’s difficult to compare exact figures between Windows 10 and Windows 8, Microsoft “sold” 40 million licenses of Windows 8 a month after its debut. It took Microsoft six months to get to 100 million licenses of Windows 8, and it’s clear the free aspect of Windows 10 is obviously driving higher adoption rates.”

Tom Warren

The free upgrade element of Windows 10 upgrade is almost certainly the main driver in the increased adoption rates as compared to Windows 8. It also helps that Windows 10 is receiving generally favourable reviews.

Swift 2 Adds Another Try Keyword

In Xcode 7 beta 6, Apple has introduced a new try? keyword to the Swift language. try? will attempt to perform an operation and if it succeeds the result is wrapped in an optional, otherwise the result is nil. One of the critical differences—and which I consider to be a downside—is that errors are no longer surfaced. In practice, try? looks something like this:

enum DayError: ErrorType, CustomStringConvertible
    case NeedADateError
    var description: String {
        switch self {
        case .NeedADateError:
            return "Error: A date must be provided."

func isItTuesday(date:NSDate?) throws -> String
    if date != nil
        let dateFormatter = NSDateFormatter()
        dateFormatter.dateFormat = "EEEE"
        let day = dateFormatter.stringFromDate(date!)
        if day == "Tuesday"
            return "It is."
        } else
            return "It isn't."
    } else
        throw DayError.NeedADateError

Pretty simple: a function which throws an error if a parameter isn’t provided.1

The new try?:

// Example 1: result is nil with no error surfaced.
if let today = try? isItTuesday(nil)
    print("Date has been set.") // Never called.
} else
    print("Uh oh. No error handling. Result is nil.")
// Example 2: result is an optional. 
if let actual = try? isItTuesday(NSDate())
    print(actual) // Returns "It is." (Optional)
// Example 3: do-try-catch with error handling. 
do {
    let x = try isItTuesday(nil)
} catch
    print(error) // Error: A date must be provided.

I don’t think I’ll use try? all that often. I like to know why something failed and deal with it correctly.

  1. Obviously you can work around this scenario by using a non-optional parameter. ↩︎